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March 2012 Archives

Divorce, angry children and how parents can help them

It can take a long time for even the most mature, sensible adults to realize and acknowledge that a marriage is no longer working. For children it can be much more difficult. In fact, it may take years for some children to come to terms with a divorce and understand why their parents made the choice they did.

Why saving money on a lawyer might not mean a cheaper divorce

Readers of this blog should be pleased to learn that Columbus, Ohio, is nowhere near the top of a new list showing the most expensive U.S. cities to get a divorce in. The list was compiled as part of a larger research project undertaken by AttorneyFee.com, and it is based on an analysis of the billing fees of thousands of divorce lawyers nationwide.

Actor Dennis Quaid will divorce third wife

The wife of actor Dennis Quaid has reportedly filed for divorce, according to reports from various entertainment news websites. The couple will reportedly work to reach a settlement regarding the division of their estate and the custody of their two children.

What you buy may be used against you in divorce court

Today, retailers in Columbus and throughout the country are taking a new approach to marketing. They are tracking the purchases of their shoppers in order to determine which are going through major life events such as a wedding, a divorce or the birth of a new child. Then, they are using that information to send direct marketing to consumers, hoping to sway customers and build life-long brand loyalty.

Ohio man ordered to issue Facebook apology to ex-wife

After an Ohio man allegedly took to his personal Facebook page to vent his frustrations with his ex-wife and the family court process, he found himself at the receiving end of a unique order: either post an appropriate apology on the social networking website, or go to jail. The man chose the former in order to avoid jail time. Now, the order has free speech activists questioning whether the judge's order violates the First Amendment.

Ohio Supreme Court says love is not enough

This blog post is not about an actual divorce or Ohio divorce law. It's about a contract made between two people who also happened to share an intimate relationship. We thought it worth mentioning because the validity of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements (a.k.a., contracts) is often contested in divorce proceedings, and this case illustrates a few reasons for that.

Divorce and taxes: the tax deduction for dependent children

Tax deductions and credits that reduce tax liability for married couples may not be available to one spouse, the other or either spouse after a divorce. Additionally, there are may be new deductions, credits and sources of income that will have to be included on future tax returns. For these reasons and more, and even if there's no hostility or dispute about major concerns such as child custody or support, tax issues should be given serious consideration in any Ohio divorce.

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