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April 2012 Archives

Ohio county tests e-filing for family law cases

For many years, the United States Federal Court in Franklin County, Ohio, has conducted its court filing process electronically, allowing parties to lawsuits and their attorneys to file initial claims and any other documents relating to a suit online. Soon, Franklin County residents who are going through divorce, child custody or other family law cases will have the same option to file their cases and court documents from home.

How to help your children through divorce

If you are like most divorced or divorcing parents in Columbus, you probably agonized and worried over how to tell your children of your impending split. And for good reason - divorce is often difficult on children, and to pretend otherwise does not do anyone in the family any good. As such, it is important to handle this announcement delicately, and to continue to keep your children's happiness and emotional well-being at the forefront as you navigate your split.

Do Ohio family court judges prefer shared parenting time?

During a divorce, determining the child custody and parenting time arrangement often quickly becomes one of the most difficult and contentious issues in the split. One important distinction of which many divorcing parents are unaware is the difference between child custody and parenting time.

Why even happy marriages can end in divorce

With divorce statistics hovering around fifty percent, many want to know what makes a divorce fail. More specifically, are there warning signs? Is there anything ways to prevent a divorce? A recent study identifies certain traits of people whose marriages started off great, but then ended in divorce.

Study delinks child's illness and divorce

If your child has been diagnosed with cancer or another potentially terminal illness, you are likely well aware of the strain that the disease can have on essentially every part of your life. You may find it difficult to work, to keep your home in order, to stay in contact with family and friends and, most notably, to maintain a happy and healthy marriage when your child is sick.

Could your spouse be hiding assets?

During divorce proceedings, each spouse has a responsibility to bring forth all evidence of their financial situation in order for the judge to make a fair order. However, that does not always happen. Sometimes, a spouse's failure to provide accurate financial information is simply an error. But in many Columbus divorce cases, a spouse intentionally provides inaccurate data in an effort to hide assets and get a better deal.

House passes child custody protections for military members

Every year for the past six years, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved an amendment to the annual defense policy bill which would prevent changes in child custody during or in relation to a parent's deployment or military service. And in each of those six years, the Senate Armed Services Committee has failed to pass the amendment.

Temporary orders will control until divorce is final

As most people who have gone through a divorce in Columbus are well aware, the legal process of divorce is not a fast one. Family court cases are often delayed for several months or even years in some cases, depending on the complexity of the divorce, the court docket and several other factors.

As economy struggles to recover, divorce rate drops

Although it would seem logical that the divorce rate would increase during difficult financial times, the opposite may actually be true. In fact, in many Ohio counties, the divorce rate has dropped since the start of the economic recession nearly five years ago. This does not necessarily mean that people do not want to get divorced, but that many cannot afford the costs associated with ending their marriage and dividing their household.

Life after divorce in Columbus: co-parenting

Whether an Ohio divorce is amicable or acrimonious, it is important for ex spouses to set aside their personal differences and feelings when it comes to being co-parents. This isn't always easy, we know. But it will be tremendously helpful to your children as they try to adjust to life after divorce and come to terms with it.

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