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June 2012 Archives

In uncontested divorce, is nice always best?

If you and your spouse are working through an uncontested divorce, it is probably tempting to skip many of the steps that are part of the traditional divorce process, such as hiring a family law attorney and having your financial situation closely evaluated. Some divorcing spouses, hesitant to rock the boat, even decide not to fight for the things that are really important to them. But could these niceties come back to haunt you later in the process or in the months and years following your divorce?

Divorce parties: tacky or therapeutic?

In theory, it makes perfect sense. You and your spouse threw a party when you got married, to celebrate your commitment with the people that you love while also ceremoniously marking your shift from single to wed. So why wouldn't you host a similar event in the unfortunate circumstance that your marriage ends, to again mark that change in status while also celebrating your new life ahead?

Signs that your children may be struggling with divorce

It goes without saying that divorce can be the source of intense emotional turmoil. It may be all you can do to simply keep your head above water while you go through the divorce process, allowing things like work and family relationships to suffer while you deal with the pressing matter at hand.

Why is 'gray divorce' on the rise in Columbus?

Although the divorce rate has remained relatively stable in recent years, one demographic has been divorcing in increasingly large numbers. According to a study from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, the divorce rate for people over the age of 50 has more than doubled in the last two decades, and experts don't expect it to slow down any time soon.

Ohio agency works to keep both parents in the picture

In an effort to involve more fathers in the lives of their children, one Ohio county has launched a program aimed at giving fathers the tools to care for and parent their kids. The "Fatherhood Initiative" has experienced notable success since it began in late 2010, and now other counties in Ohio and across the country are looking to the program for inspiration as they launch similar initiatives.

Can you stay on your ex's health insurance after divorce?

With all of the current ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding the health care laws in the United States, it is no wonder that many Ohio residents are confused about their available health insurance offerings. And insurance becomes even more confusing during and after a divorce, especially when all members of the family had previously been covered under one spouse's health insurance policy.

Protecting your privacy during and after divorce

During divorce, it doesn't take much for one or both spouses to begin feeling bitter, frustrated, hurt and angry about some aspect of the split or the legal process. So even if you were initially confident that you and your spouse could maintain a cordial relationship and an uncontested divorce, you may soon find that your previous belief is no longer realistic.

Custodial parent may not move kids out of Ohio without permission

For Columbus parents who do not have primary physical custody of their children - if they have the kids only on the weekends and during school vacations - they may feel powerless to interfere with the custodial parent's decisions. Although that is usually not the case, that feeling (combined with an unwillingness to rock the boat for the sake of the children) often keeps noncustodial parents from questioning or interfering in those decisions.

Divorce love triangle leads to fraud lawsuit

No matter how well you think you know your spouse, the complete honesty that is required in the legal process of divorce often results in unexpected revelations and eye-opening disclosures. This is especially true in regard to financial matters and spending habits.

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