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Custodial parent may not move kids out of Ohio without permission

For Columbus parents who do not have primary physical custody of their children - if they have the kids only on the weekends and during school vacations - they may feel powerless to interfere with the custodial parent's decisions. Although that is usually not the case, that feeling (combined with an unwillingness to rock the boat for the sake of the children) often keeps noncustodial parents from questioning or interfering in those decisions.

However, it is important that the noncustodial parent feel empowered to weigh in on all matters that affect the children and the family as a whole. Although this may create some initial turmoil, it is important that both parents are engaged and willing to fight for what they feel is important.

For example, what happens when the custodial parent announces that he or she wants to move the children to another state? Whether the move is motivated by a new job opportunity or simply an attempt to get some distance, the noncustodial parent should not be afraid to question and fight against that decision.

If you are in this situation, the first step is to get an emergency order that prevents the custodial parent from moving the children out of the court's jurisdiction. Then, consider a change to the custody and parenting time order that keeps the children in the state, whether the other parent stays or whether they live with you.

Although taking these steps may anger the custodial parent, it will ensure that your children don't have to move away and that you are able to have a continuing relationship with them.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Order could keep ex from moving kids out of state," Andrew and Jeffrey A. Grossman, June 3, 2012

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What happends if the parent already leaves state with the child only given 2 week notice and not having permission? But also happend 7 months ago and non custodial parent not knowing he could do anything until now?

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