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August 2012 Archives

'Toddlers & Tiaras' star's father seeks custody

A 6-year-old pageant contestant has been ordered to sit out competitions for the next few months as her parents argue over the propriety of pageant costuming and whether her mother's decisions in that arena should cause her to lose custody of the girl. Thus far in the court proceedings, which resume this week, the court-appointed psychologist has sided with the father, condemning the costuming choices made by the mother and recommending that the girl be placed with her dad.

Maintaining a relationship with grandkids when parents divorce

If you are a grandparent whose adult child has gone through a divorce, you are probably well aware of the uniqueness of that situation. It is a delicate time, and if grandparents do not handle it properly, they could face a loss of time and connection with their grandchildren. In order to prevent this, it is important for grandparents to find a balance between supporting their divorcing child and remaining on good terms with the child's spouse and all other members of the family.

Ohio study: Couples choosing separation due to cost of divorce

According to a recent Ohio State University study, more couples are foregoing divorce in favor of long-term separations. The reason for this trend, researchers found, is the high cost of divorce, combined with the ongoing economic issues that continue to affect the finances of couples in Columbus and throughout the country.

Ohio woman in jail divorced by husband and sheriff

Our Columbus readers understand that when a couple gets married, their finances as well as their lives become entangled. When a marriage lasts more than 20 years, it can become difficult to unravel the thread -- and yet it happens. People with long-term marriages get divorced.

The fluid nature of child support calculations

Last week on our Columbus family law blog, we wrote about spousal support and whether it terminates upon remarriage, giving the answer that is so common in most areas of family law: it depends. Unfortunately, this is the response most attorneys are forced to give when divorcing clients ask them about their potential child support obligations. It depends on several factors, including your income, your child's needs and other details.

Spousal support and remarriage in Ohio

Imagine this scenario: you and your spouse divorced five years ago, at which time you were ordered to make monthly spousal support payments. Two years ago, your spouse remarried. Now, you feel that your spouse and his or her new husband or wife is no longer in need or deserving of your alimony payments, and you have two questions. Can I stop paying spousal support? If so, can the court order my spouse to reimburse me for the two years of payments I made following his or her remarriage?

What to look for in a Columbus divorce lawyer

If you have made the difficult decision to file for divorce, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of decisions that you are now facing. The question of "should I hire a divorce attorney?" and "which lawyer should I hire?" are probably at the top of your list, and rightly so. For someone who has little to no experience with the law or the legal system, navigating the divorce process can be complicated, confusing and overwhelming.

Sports fan makes unusual child custody request

When divorcing parents are able to work together to craft their child custody agreement, they are usually willing to concede to their soon-to-be ex-spouse on issues that are of particular importance to that parent. Religion, child care, education and similar issues are common areas of negotiation and compromise. The playoff chances of a college sports team, however, are not typically part of the discussion.

The post-divorce digital divide

In a previous post on our Columbus family law blog, we wrote about the increasing presence of Facebook and other social media websites in family court. Social media generally plays two roles in divorce and other family law cases. First, it can lead to divorce, by giving a spouse the means and opportunity to be unfaithful, for example. Second, it can - and often is - used in family court, to provide evidence about the actions of a spouse or parent as they relate to divorce, child custody, child support or related issues.

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