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September 2012 Archives

New McCourt filing alleges divorce fraud

For many months, our Columbus family law blog readers probably saw the names of Frank and Jamie McCourt in the news on a near-daily basis. This was because the couple, who gained notoriety with the seemingly ill-fated purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, had one of the most complicated divorce cases in recent history.

More Ohio wives are requesting postnuptial agreements

As the economy struggles to recover, many people in Ohio and throughout the country continue to be cautious about how they spend their money and vigilant about protecting their assets. As such, it is not terribly surprising that postnuptial agreements are on the rise in the U.S., as spouses seek to ensure that they will remain financially viable if their marriage should end in divorce.

Insurance issues that may arise after divorce

If you are going through a divorce, it may seem like there are a million urgent details to take care of, all of which need to be attended to quickly and completely. And unfortunately, that may not be too far from the truth. There is a lot more that goes into divorce than simply filing the papers and getting a court order.

Study: Small percentage of kids negatively affected by divorce

For Columbus parents who are contemplating divorce, one of the most common factors that goes into deciding whether or not to end a marriage is the potential effect of the split on the couple's children. However, divorcing parents can take comfort in the results of a new study which shows that a significant majority of children experience no major psychological, social or academic issues following the split.

New programs help military couples avoid divorce

We all love seeing photos and videos of military service members returning from deployments. The excitement and happiness of the spouses and children of military men and women, and of the service members themselves, are palpable, and many of us find ourselves crying tears of joy right along with the families.

Is your smartphone part of your child custody agreement?

As smartphones, tablets and similar devices continue to grow in popularity, more and more people in Columbus and throughout the country rely heavily on those technologies to communicate with one another. Many people now prefer to text or email friends and family members instead of talking on the phone or meeting face to face. Although some will bemoan this shift as representing a loss of meaningful human contact, the ability to talk without actually talking is an incredibly helpful tool for parents who share custody of their children but who do not get along with one another.

Issues with divorce decree enforcement

If you fought hard on a specific issue during your divorce negotiation or litigation, you probably felt happy and relieved that you were able to walk away victorious on that issue that was so important to you and your post-divorce future. Unfortunately, those feelings may be short-lived if your former spouse does not comply with the terms of the divorce agreement or decree.

Can Ohio family court judges end same-sex marriages?

On at least two occasions this year, Ohio family court judges have approved the divorces of same-sex couples who were married in other jurisdictions. Recently, however, a different family court judge refused to approve the divorce petition of a lesbian couple, citing Ohio's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage as the justification for his ruling. Now, many Ohio residents, family law attorneys and court officials are asking: Did the judge have the right to refuse the couple's divorce?

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