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October 2012 Archives

How to compel an ex-spouse to comply with the visitation order

If your former spouse fails to make his or her court-ordered child support payments, there is a designated state agency that will, in most cases, pursue those arrears and compel your ex to pay what he or she owes. If your former spouse fails to comply with your child custody and visitation order, however, no such help will be as readily available to you.

When aging parents divorce

On our Columbus family law blog, we focus most of our divorce blog posts about the effects of divorce on young children. Certainly, that is an important topic: parental divorce is a delicate situation that can have a lasting impact on children, and kids often need some help as they navigate their parents' split. But what about the effects of parental divorce on adult children? A new article in Reuters argues that the impact of a split on this group is just as great.

First holiday season after divorce? Celebrate, don't compete

There are many difficult aspects of divorce, but none seem to be more emotionally trying than spending your first holiday season without your children. With Halloween right around the corner, we felt that this was an optimal time to revisit a few tips that may help you adjust to sharing custody of your children during the holidays.

How to divorce with significant debt

If you are struggling to make your mortgage, car, student loan, credit card and other payments, the thought of divorcing may seem daunting. Not only will you have to figure out how to divide those debts with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but you will have to find a way to support two households instead of just one.

How are vacation homes divided in divorce?

In earlier, more prosperous times, the family home used to be a highly-fought-over asset, with many divorcing couples using its value as a tool to get what they wanted out of the divorce. Others, facing the high costs of a divorce and dividing their single household into two, simply sold the family home and used that income to fund their divorce and post-split life. Unfortunately, as many Columbus residents well know, that is no longer the situation for most Ohio homeowners.

Lawsuit settlement could change spousal support obligation

Many of our Columbus family law clients believe that, once they agree or are ordered to pay a specified amount of spousal support, there will be no further opportunities to make changes to that support order. However, that is not the case: if your circumstances change significantly, you are entitled to seek a spousal support modification order. If your financial situation is found to have changed enough to justify either an upward or downward modification of your support obligation, a family court judge will make such an order.

Are business debts divided in divorce?

If you and your spouse jointly own an Ohio small business, it is almost certain that the debts and assets of that business will be divided between you should your marriage end in divorce, unless you are able to reach an agreement that says otherwise. But what if your spouse owns a business in his or her own name alone? If you divorce, will you be responsible for debts acquired in the interest and to the benefit of the business?

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