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January 2013 Archives

Lohan father struck with child support debt

Child support debt can sometimes come as a surprise. A late paternity test or long-overdue admission of parental connection to a child who is nearly grown can often mean a father or mother who had been previously free from financially supporting their biological child(ren) must now not only begin making payments, but make up all the monthly checks they missed over the years.

The elusive question of the seven-year itch

Sometimes, a married couple will make the decision to get a divorce. There are many different things that can lead a married couple to decide to get a divorce. Thus, there are many different things that can increase or decrease a couple's likelihood of getting divorced.

Ohio Supreme Court rules against ex-partner in adoption case

The Ohio Supreme Court affirmed the decision of a state court of appeals when it declined to hear the arguments between a biological father and a lesbian-ex partner who were both seeking custody of an eight year old girl. The child was born to a lesbian couple in 2005 who raised her together for several years before spilling up. After the breakup, the ex-partner of the biological mother was awarded custody in 2009. Two years later, the biological father and current husband of the biological mother began an adoption proceeding and sought to sever the ex-partner's custody rights.

Couple struggles with custody of embryos from in-vitro process

A recently divorced couple is locked in a dispute over custody of fertilized eggs that resulted from the in-vitro process they underwent during their marriage. The couple use in-vitro to fertilize 11 eggs when they discovered that an ovarian cyst would prevent the wife from conceiving naturally, and they used two of them when they decided to have their only child, a daughter who is now three years old.

Prolonged divorce battle can complicate paternity matters

The divorce process can take a long time for some couples, particularly when there are a lot of issues to be sorted out and complex property to be divided. Some Ohio readers may be familiar with the ongoing divorce process between reality star Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries, whose short marriage yielded significant conflict that has yet to be resolved. A recent announcement that Kardashian is expecting a child with her boyfriend Kanye West makes matters slightly more complex.

International divorce can complicate child custody

Many Ohio readers probably don't think a lot about international law when they consider a divorce. However, the reality is that many people marry someone from another country or someone with dual citizenship, and this can create complications during the divorce process.

Discussing paternity with children

This week there has been a lot of discussion about Jodie Foster, who won a Golden Globe award and gave a much talked about acceptance speech. During the speech Ms. Foster thanked her two children that she raised with her longtime partner. In the days following the award show, many people have begun speculating about her sons who Ms. Foster had with the help of a sperm donor.

How to divorce as a dual citizen

Last year, actress Kelly Rutherford made news when a family court judge ordered her two children, who are American citizens, to move to France to live with their father. The reason for that order was not because Rutherford was found to be an unfit mother, or because she has sufficient means to travel to her children. It was because the children's father was a German citizen who had been expelled from the United States.

Native American child custody case to be heard by Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court has selected a child custody case to review as a part of the upcoming session. The case is unique because it involves a custody dispute between parents who adopted a child at birth from her biological mother, and then lost a court case against the girl's biological father. The father pursued a claim under the Indian Child Welfare Act, and his right to raise his daughter was affirmed by the state supreme court.

Collaborative family law bill aims to make divorce easier in Ohio

In recent years, Ohio family courts and family law attorneys have been encouraging divorcing couples in Columbus and throughout the state to consider mediation, arbitration and other methods of collaborative divorce. The benefits of using those methods are many. Allowing couples to negotiate and determine the terms of their divorce can result in a more unique settlement that is tailored toward the individual situation of the spouses and their family as a whole, in addition to being generally less expensive and much faster.

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