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Ohio couple fights against grandparents wanting visitation rights

Ohio residents may think of visitation right issues being between parents only but more cases involving grandparents are making their way into the courtroom. This has started a debate between some groups as to who has the right to make the decision when it comes to children. A recent case involving grandparents that want visitation rights with their three grandchildren is once again making headlines.

The parents are not married but have been together for 19 years. The father's parents are the ones that filed for visitation rights with the children. The original order from the judge granted the grandparent's visitation that included several holiday's and weekends as well as for the oldest to contact them when she wanted. The oldest child is a 16-year-old female. He still allowed the parents to have total control over all educational and other major life decisions.

The father had previously been in trouble for drug related charges, but stated in court that he has been gainfully employed for the past two years. The judge did not rule on the case, but deferred it for 60 days in order to give the parties time for mediation. This will give the parties involved a chance to have a third party try and help them reach a mutual agreement on a visitation schedule.

Any Ohio resident that is involved in a visitation issue could benefit from having an understanding of the applicable state laws regarding custody and visitation rights. This can be a sensitive time for parents that feel they should have sole decision making responsibility regarding who their children spend time with. Knowing the laws and having an understanding of what to expect can help a person determine the best way to move forward.

Source: inforum.com, Demonstrators support couple in fight against grandparents' visitation rights, Stephen J. Lee, Sept. 10, 2013

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