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Child custody -- the best interests of the children controls

When Ohio parents file for divorce, the manner in which child custody rights will be shared is often their chief concern. This is understandable, as most parents dread the thought of losing daily contact with their children. When negotiating child custody matters, however, it is important to realize that striving for an equal division of parenting time may not be the best outcome for the children at the center of the issue. The best interests of the child should always trump the "rights" held by parents.

NFL wife violates visitation agreement, receives jail time

After a contentious child custody battle, many Ohio parents find it difficult to come to terms with their new parental roles. This is especially true in cases in which one party receives full custody, and the other is only able to retain visitation rights. It is easy to feel as if one has been relegated to the role of occasional visitor in the life of their child or children, and this can be deeply painful. In some cases, parents will take it upon themselves to stretch the limits of their visitation rights, a choice that can have multiple negative outcomes.

Visitation during the holidays: tips for parents

As the end of the year approaches, many Ohio parents who have recently divorced or are going through that process dread having to divide time between households during the holidays. The first few years can be difficult, and many families falter as they work to create a holiday visitation schedule that all parties can live with. It is possible, however, to work together with the other parent to make the holidays a special time for everyone, especially shared children.

Can religious beliefs impact child custody rights?

One of the most fundamental aspects of the American way of life is the freedom to practice one's chosen religion. It is one of the cornerstones of our creation as a nation, and a right that many hold dear. Even though religious freedom plays a significant role in our culture, there are instances in which religious matters can impact a family's child custody rights in Ohio and elsewhere.

Emotions often stand in the way of best interests of the child

Ohio parents who are divorced will likely agree that adjusting to life after divorce brings many challenges. Single parents often find themselves facing financial difficulties, while, in some cases, having to get used to new addresses and new schedules. In many cases, one party may be excluded from friendships the couple shared when they were married, leaving them without support from old friends until new friendships are formed. While all the changes that accompany divorce can be emotionally draining, parents are expected never to lose sight of the best interests of the child.

Is "shared" custody in the best interests of the child?

The history of American child custody has seen a number of changes since the birth of our nation. Early Americans followed the English practice by which the father retained all rights to shared children in the event of a divorce. Later beliefs rested on the assumption that women are naturally more suited to nurture a child, and fathers were relegated to the role of occasional visitor in the lives of their children. The current model follows the belief that both parents should play an equal role in the upbringing of shared children, but this approach may not be in line with the best interests of the child or children involved, in Ohio or elsewhere.

American Idol winner facing child custody battle

Many Ohio readers are familiar with the career of Fantasia Barrino. The singer first gained acclaim when she won the popular television talent show American Idol. Since then, she has gained a following, culminating in the recent number two debut of her newest album in the Billboard 200. The singer is also currently facing a child custody battle with the father of her 13-year-old daughter.

Single parenthood after child custody changes

For many Ohio parents, the shift from a dual parenting structure to one in which they will be responsible for the bulk of daily care is an intimidating prospect. It is perfectly normal to feel as though one is not adequately prepared for the task, and to have doubts about how the kids involved will adjust to the child custody transition. With the right degree of preparation, however, parents can move into this new phase of life smoothly, and can lay the foundation for success.

Child custody: pursuing what is best for all parties

Determining child custody is one of the hardest aspects of a divorce. Even the most amicable of divorces can become tense and complicated when a couple begins to discuss child custody arrangements. One of the most important things for Ohio couples to remember is that there are ways to pursue what is best for all parties.

Creative Solutions for complicated child visitation situations

Divorce can be hard. It is often hardest on children, and Ohio parents know that they may have to seek creative solutions to solve custody or visitation issues. Parenting after a divorce can be complicated because all parties have been emotionally and mentally impacted by the process. This complication can be compounded when one parent moves or remarries, or if a child has specific or special needs.

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