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How to interview an Ohio divorce attorney

For Ohio spouses who are considering filing for divorce, one of the most important choices that must be made involves selecting the attorney who will process the end of the marriage. It can be intimidating to make such an important choice, especially since most spouses have little to no experience with divorce. Sitting down for an initial interview with several attorneys is the best way to find the right fit, and is a step that should not be delayed.

Divorce and taxes: Preparation is key

Many Ohio residents have happily moved beyond their tax preparation chores for the year. For those who are preparing to divorce, however, this is an excellent time to begin contemplating how their change in marital status will affect their 2014 tax burden. When spouses are able to understand those changes and plan ahead, they have a far better chance of making the best possible moves to lower their tax obligation. Unfortunately, all too many go through divorce without acknowledging the importance of these matters.

Paltrow divorce approach not as unusual as it may appear

Many Ohio readers are aware of the recent divorce announcement made by Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The star and her rock-god husband, singer Chris Martin recently released a statement to let the world know that they have chosen to go through a process of "conscious uncoupling." While the media has had a field day making fun of the unusual divorce phrasing, there are actually a number of lessons to be learned from this type of approach to the end of a relationship.

Making wise long-term financial decisions during divorce

The end of a marriage can be a difficult time for many in Ohio. There are a great many decisions that must be made in a relatively short period of time, and the ramifications of those decisions will have lasting effects. It is important to make choices that will support one's long-term goals, and not to take a reactive position to the challenges of divorce. The following tips are offered in the hopes of providing a new perspective on the process of moving forward after a divorce.

How to protect against financial harm during divorce

Once an Ohio spouse has made the decision to end their marriage, one of the most important steps that can be taken involves protecting against financial harm. There are many ways that individuals can sustain financial damage in the timeframe between deciding to divorce and the process becoming final. In that period of time, each spouse must take the proper precautions to protect their financial stability.

Could a law forbid sex prior to divorce resolution?

For many Ohio residents, the process of ending a marriage is not as straightforward as they may have hoped it would be. Things can drag on for many months longer than either party intended, especially when husband and wife are unable to come to terms on certain matters. During the time between separation and divorce, many spouses move on to form new relationships. However, one state is considering legislation that would prevent a divorcing parent from having a sexual relationship with a new partner within the confines of their own home.

Can a Smart Phone guide your Ohio divorce?

Technology advances as a staggeringly rapid rate. Just a few years ago having a cell phone was a luxury, one that only the most tech-savvy among us indulged in. Today, everyone from pre-teens to great-grandparents have Smart Phones in their pocket. In addition, our phones do far more now than ever before, and more closely resemble tiny computers than mere communications devices. The availability of applications is astounding, and Ohio consumers can find many apps that claim to help them through the divorce process.

Consider therapy before making a decision to divorce

Most Ohio marriages will go through periods of stagnation, ambivalence or discord from time to time. These stages are normal, and often can be worked through or will pass over time. However, many spouses who are in the midst of a rough patch will consider whether divorce is the right choice. Understanding where the marriage is and how the relationship might move forward is an important part of making a decision to stay together or divorce. For most couples, therapy can help guide this important decision-making process.

Considerations for spouses preparing to divorce

Few life events are more stressful than ending a marriage, and many Ohio spouses are unsure where to begin when it comes time to begin this process. The choices made at the onset of a divorce will shape the remainder of the experience, and can greatly influence the eventual outcome. Savvy spouses will take the time to devise a comprehensive divorce strategy to guide them through the months ahead.

Could Facebook be brought into your divorce?

Social media has reshaped the manner in which American communicate with one another, in a wide range of both positive and negative ways. It is easier than ever before to reach out to those with whom we have lost touch, and to strike up new "friendships" with people we may never have met in our day-to-day lives. As expected, this increased ability to make personal connections has led to a number of negative outcomes within many marriages. As a result, Facebook and other social media sites are now frequently named within many Ohio divorce proceedings.

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