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Divorce can bring unexpected reactions

As Ohio spouses prepare to file for divorce, it can be difficult to anticipate how their partners might react to the end of the marriage. People sometimes handle the news of divorce far different from expected, even when the marriage has been in trouble for many years. While no one can accurately predict how their partner may respond, it can be helpful to give some consideration to some of the more common practices that can occur during a difficult divorce.

Transgender divorce allowed to move forward

Ohio readers may recall media coverage of a transgender man who successfully gave birth to three children. At the time, he was married to a woman, and after it was determined that she would be unable to conceive, the couple decided to expand their family by using donated sperm, and having the transgendered husband carry the children to term. Eventually, the couple decided to seek a divorce, but found that the laws in their state of residence would not permit them to reach a legal end to their union.

Keep the details of your divorce off of Facebook

As more and more Ohio residents make use of social media, outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, these tools play a larger role within our lives. Even individuals who do not make regular use of social media can be heavily affected by the sites, in ways that can bring embarrassment and a marked lack of privacy. Nowhere is this more true than in regard to the aftermath of a divorce.

Insurance needs following an Ohio divorce

The process of ending a marriage entails the completion of a seemingly endless number of to-do lists. Gathering documents, listing assets, considering which party will retain which possessions within the family home: all of these considerations requires one’s time and attention. Many Ohio spouses look forward to the day that the process is made final, simply to move beyond the “homework” aspects of their divorce. Unfortunately, the focus of this article is on a side of divorce that many overlook until the process has ended.

Online tasks for those in Ohio who are planning to divorce

For Ohio spouses who are in the early stages of divorce, there are several important tasks that should be accomplished online, as soon as possible. While the process of divorce will require a great number of tasks and decisions, there are some initial protections that should be set into motion as soon as possible. Addressing these issues at the onset of a divorce can help avoid a number of potential problems in the months ahead.

How estate planning factors into an Ohio divorce

For those in Ohio who are preparing to end their marriage, the issue of estate planning is often not a primary concern. However, divorce is one of life’s major events, and marks a shift in the structure of a family. Failing to address this shift within one’s existing estate plan is a mistake, one that can have serious negative ramifications.

Can divorce spread faster than the common cold?

A great deal of social science research focuses on the intricacies of marriage and divorce; the myriad ways that we connect and disconnect with one another. A recent study examines the links between the divorce experiences of an individual’s friends and the influence that those experiences might have on one’s own marriage. The results suggest that divorce may in fact be “catching” and that people in Ohio and elsewhere who know someone who has gone through divorce are 75 percent more likely to end their own marriage.

Divorce can fundamentally alter one's retirement plans

As an Ohio resident moves closer to retirement, he or she often takes a greater interest in the financial planning that has been put into place to support retirement goals. This is the time to fine-tune one’s investments, consider Social Security strategies and create a budget for the years ahead. For individuals who are facing divorce, however, retirement planning can be a far more difficult task.

Deciding whether divorce is the best available option

When a couple is going through a period of difficulty, it can be hard to know when things have deteriorated to the point of no return. Families go through ups and downs, and part of the benefits of marriage involve having a partner to stand by one’s side during times of trouble. There are certain matters, however, that stretch the boundaries of a spouse’s marital obligations, and it can be difficult to know when those lines have been crossed. The following tips are given to assist spouses who are unsure whether divorce is the best course of action.

Pet "custody" issues may result in a divorce hearing

For most Ohio spouses, addressing issues surrounding which party will keep the family pets is a matter best handled outside of a courtroom. That said, there are certain divorce cases in which reaching an agreement is simply not possible. While family courts have been slow to accept pets as anything more than pieces of property, some cases have shown that it is possible to take the matter before a judge.

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