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After divorce, the children should always come first

The process of transitioning from one household into two is always a challenge for Ohio parents. This is especially true for couples who have gone through a difficult or highly contentious divorce. Regardless of how each parent feels about the other, it is important to place the needs of the children above all else when shifting into roles as co-parents. Doing so will not only yield better results for the kids, but also gives both parents a new way to communicate and interact with one another, which can be helpful after a divorce.    

Do Doctors face a higher risk of divorce?

When many Ohio residents consider the risk factors for divorce, a lack of connection between partners is often near the top of that list. Taking that line of thinking a step further, it might be assumed that spouses working within professions in which long work hours are required would experience higher rates of divorce. Physicians spend a great deal of time at work, which many might assume translates into a higher risk of divorce. A recent study, however, suggests that doctors actually have reduced rate of divorce, as compared with other medical professions and the general public.

Divorce does not have to be excessively expensive

When many Ohio spouses consider filing for divorce, the financial ramifications of that decision are among their chief concerns. This is understandable, as there are always financial shifts that accompany the end of a marriage. However, spouses can exert a great deal of control over the cost of their divorce in a number of ways. Taking steps to limit the legal fees that accompany divorce is a smart financial move for both spouses and can increase the amount of money that each will have to move forward.

Counseling or divorce? How to know which path to choose

Many Ohio couples will go through difficult periods within their marriage. Some challenges are external to the relationship, such as financial troubles or an illness. Others exist within the union, and must be addressed by both spouses if the marriage is to remain strong. In many cases, it is difficult to know whether discord between spouses can be overcome through counseling or might lead to divorce.

Taking time to heal after a divorce

Going through a divorce is a process that many in Ohio look forward to. However, regardless of how much a divorce is sought, there is still a period of adjustment and healing that follows. All too often, individuals want to rush through that period, and fail to give themselves the time and space needed to regroup before moving on after a divorce.

Divorce and kids: Approaches for every age group

Most Ohio parents who are preparing to divorce are concerned about how the change will affect their children. While divorce will definitely have an impact on kids, there is no reason that the changes ahead cannot be positive ones. The manner in which parents approach divorce with their children is an important factor in how kids will handle the change.

Divorce is not always what one expects it to be

Virtually everyone who has never gone through a divorce holds a set of preconceived notions about how the process will go, and what life will be like both during and after the matter is made final. Reality, however, rarely conforms to these ideas, and most people find that their divorce is far different from what they expected. In many cases, the realities of life after divorce are better than what either spouse imagined.

Can a divorce that is already in process be stopped?

Some Ohio couples may have second thoughts after filing for a divorce. It is only natural for many to wonder whether they should spend some more time trying to resolve their issues before proceeding with a divorce. However, the possibility of stopping a divorce depends on what the person who filed the original petition for divorce wants and how far proceedings have advanced. Similar to the requirements for filing for a divorce, the withdrawal of a divorce petition has legal requirements.

Are divorce statistics valuable to society as a whole?

When reading about the issue of divorce, many in Ohio are unaware of how divorce statistics are obtained. While both the beginning and the end of a marriage are matters of public record, not every state reports divorce statistics. In fact, an estimated 20 percent of the American population is excluded from this type of reporting. Those gaps are filled in the form of data collected by the United States Census Bureau. Some, however, suggest that the census should no longer ask respondents about marriage or divorce.

New Year's brings a spike in divorce filings

For Ohio divorce attorneys, the first few weeks of the year are a busy time. Many spouses have been considering divorce for quite some time, and were waiting to get through the holidays before taking action to end their marriage. This leads to a yearly spike in divorce filings as the year gets under way. It seems that moving beyond a broken union ranks at the top of the resolution list of many spouses.

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