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Billion-dollar divorce to go through appeals

Readers in Ohio may have followed the recent divorce case between billionaire oil magnate Harold Hamm and his wife of 26 years, Sue Ann Hamm. The couple have made headlines over the vast fortune to be divided between the spouses, which promised to break records in regard to being one of the largest settlements in history. The divorce was recently decided by a court, and Sue Ann Hamm was awarded a mix of assets and cash vlaued at more than $1 billion. She plans to appeal that decision, however, and argues that the award is not indicative of a fair division of marital wealth.

Divorce in mid-life requires a targeted approach

When Ohio spouses decide to end their marriage as they approach retirement, the details within their divorce settlement are extremely important. After the age of 50, there is simply less time left within the workforce to accommodate serious financial losses. This means that additional emphasis must be placed on creating the most favorable divorce settlement possible.

Do you really want to keep the family home during divorce?

For many Ohio spouses, the family home is far more than the structure itself or the land on which it sits. Houses also hold the memories of the families within, and it can be hard to imagine letting the family home go as part of one's divorce. In many cases, spouses will fight hard to retain the house, without giving the issue the proper consideration. In the end, it is not uncommon for an individual to look back on that decision with remorse.

Common divorce mistakes that many men make

When it comes to divorce, there are often differences in the ways in which men and women go through the process. While everyone will have his or her own experience with divorce, there are some mistakes that occur so commonly that they become expected to some degree. The following are a few common missteps that men often make as they move through the end of a marriage. This information is offered in the hopes of giving Ohio readers the tools to evaluate their own scenario and determine if adjustments should be made.

Women face heightened risks following divorce

The process of ending a marriage can be difficult. Recent research suggests that women may encounter more challenges along that path than men. We provide the following information in the hopes of providing Ohio women the tools and information needed to recognize these risks and take steps to prevent them during their divorce.

The importance of planning before and during divorce

When it comes to the end of a marriage, few things are more powerful than careful and comprehensive planning. Spouses in Ohio who anticipate a divorce filing have an inherent advantage over those who do not and are wise to take steps to make the process easier. Through solid planning, individuals can make their divorce faster, easier and far less stressful.

When to say "no" during an Ohio divorce

Much has been made of taking a collaborative approach to divorce, both within this blog and in the greater media. When Ohio spouses are able to work together to reach solutions to their divorce needs, the result is often beneficial to all involved. It is important to realize, however, that there are certain divorce scenarios in which one spouse has every right to put their foot down and say "no."

Can a real estate "divorce specialist" aid in divorce?

When preparing to divorce, many Ohio couples take a team-building approach. They begin by selecting a divorce attorney to handle the legal aspects of the end of the marriage. Some will also choose a financial analyst to provide guidance on the monetary aspects of the process. Still others will make use of a therapist to address emotional concerns. One specialist that could also be of assistance is a real estate divorce specialist.

Divorce as part of elder care planning

The end of a marriage is always a complicated matter with a range of causes and underpinnings. In some cases, Ohio residents make the decision to divorce not because they have fallen out of love with one another or have encountered marital difficulties, but as part of a wider elder care strategy. These are almost always emotionally difficult decisions to make, but there are certain scenarios in which divorce offers the best possible path forward for a loving couple.

Aspects of equitable distribution within divorce

Couples in Ohio that are preparing to divorce must educate themselves on the manner in which their marital wealth will be divided. This practice is guided by the concept of "equitable distribution," in which a court decides upon a fair distribution of all assets amassed within and prior to the marriage. This is not always a 50/50 split, and it is important to understand how "equitable" will be determined during a divorce.

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