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Sleep loss during divorce can be a serious issue

In the midst of a serious life event, it is not uncommon for individuals to experience difficulty in getting a good night's sleep. Divorce is a prime example, and an undertaking that can place serious barriers in the way of adequate rest. Everyone in Ohio understands the short-term ramifications of a poor night's sleep, but recent research suggests that long-term sleep problems can have devastating effects on one's health and well-being.

A divorce does not have to mean the end of a business

There is an adage that warns about mixing business and pleasure, but what about business and marriage? There have been many business ventures that were successfully launched by married partners, including here in Ohio. Nevertheless, a divorce between business partners does not have to spell bankruptcy for an established company.

Tips on divorce from a narcissistic spouse

Very few people intentionally marry a narcissist. In fact, it may take years before an Ohio spouse fully realizes the personality disorder that defines his or her partner. Being in a relationship with a narcissistic spouse can be a challenge. Trying to divorce one, however, can be an absolute nightmare.

The role of debt within an Ohio divorce

Spouses who are contemplating filing for divorce are often consumed with worries over the division of marital wealth. Will there be enough left to establish a strong financial foundation for the years ahead? Will it be impossible to reach a fair settlement without incurring high legal costs? These and other property division questions are understandable, but there is a related divorce topic that many fail to give proper consideration.

Handling child custody issues during the holidays

The holiday season is intended to be a time of merriment and communion. However, for some people who are facing a divorce and child custody issues, the holidays can seem a bit more stressful. There are a few simple tips that recently divorced Ohio residents can follow in an effort to reduce stress and survive the holidays this year.

How to protect an inheritance from loss during divorce

Receiving an inheritance is an exciting event. Receiving money or real estate can make a world of difference in one's financial landscape and can truly improve an individual's quality of life. Inheriting treasured family heirlooms can also be a deeply moving event and can help one have a tangible reminder of time spent with a lost loved one. Regardless of what is included in an inheritance, individuals should carefully consider how to best ensure that those assets are retained in the event of an Ohio divorce.

Should child support be used as reality TV fodder?

The sheer number and variety of reality television programming available today boggles the mind. It seems as if virtually anything can be turned into a reality tv show, and some of these programs receive an enormous level of popularity. One of the more recent additions to the reality TV lineup focuses on parents who have fallen behind on their child support payments. The program could push the boundaries of what viewers in Ohio and elsewhere are willing to accept as "entertainment."

Nick Cannon: Divorce role model?

Ohio fans of the hit television show "America's Got Talent" will recognize the name of Nick Cannon, the charming and affable host of the show. Cannon is also well-known in his role as the husband of vocal superstar Mariah Carey. The couple, who share three-year-old twins, are planning to divorce, and both have behaved remarkably well in a cultural atmosphere in which a toxic divorce is the norm.

Halle Berry asks court for child support change

Plenty of Ohio residents recognize the face and name of Halle Berry. The actress has enjoyed a great deal of career success in movies spanning a wide range of genres. Berry has made recent headlines not for a new artistic endeavors, however, but for a recent court filing. The actress is asking a family court to reduce the monthly child support payments that she is ordered to make to her former boyfriend.

Don???t get caught up in a child support scam

Parents in Ohio who are expected to contribute to the financial care and upkeep of their children should be aware of a recently uncovered scam. Two individuals have been arrested for their involvement in an operation aimed at stealing money from parents, and ultimately, from the children that were intended to benefit from child support payments. The story serves as a cautionary tale for all parents who make or receive child support.

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