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Halle Berry asks court for child support change

Plenty of Ohio residents recognize the face and name of Halle Berry. The actress has enjoyed a great deal of career success in movies spanning a wide range of genres. Berry has made recent headlines not for a new artistic endeavors, however, but for a recent court filing. The actress is asking a family court to reduce the monthly child support payments that she is ordered to make to her former boyfriend.

Don???t get caught up in a child support scam

Parents in Ohio who are expected to contribute to the financial care and upkeep of their children should be aware of a recently uncovered scam. Two individuals have been arrested for their involvement in an operation aimed at stealing money from parents, and ultimately, from the children that were intended to benefit from child support payments. The story serves as a cautionary tale for all parents who make or receive child support.

Don't let your divorce go to the dogs

Many Ohio residents are extremely attached to their pets, so much so that a significant portion of their time, attention and disposable income is dedicated to pet care and affection. When those individuals marry, they often go to great lengths to ensure that their animals will be accepted and cared for by the new spouse. However, many fail to consider how their beloved pet will factor into a divorce, if and when the marriage comes to an end.

Collaborative divorce can be good for business

When an Ohio couple owns a business together, the end of their marriage can be far more complicated than the norm. Dividing a business is, well, a tricky business. The process can drag on for a considerable amount of time, especially if the divorce is contentious in nature. For those business owners who can work together to resolve both the end of their marriage and the division of their company, collaboration can be an excellent divorce option.

How Ohio families can determine child support eligibility

When parents in Ohio choose not to raise their child together, it could be due to divorce or other reasons. Whatever the explanation, one parent might need financial assistance from the other in order to adequately care for the child. Some parents may not know how to figure out whether they qualify to receive child support payments. There are a few factors that can determine their eligibility.

Being honest when talking to kids about divorce

Many Ohio parents are unsure how to approach having “the talk” with their kids. It is not the talk about the birds and the bees that parents fear the most, but the one in which mom and dad say that they are no longer going to be living together as a family. Divorce is a difficult topic for families to discuss, and often parents simply don’t know where to begin. Honesty is an important component of a successful divorce “talk,” and plays a role in how both parents and children will process the changes ahead.

Understanding the emotional reaction to one's divorce

When discussing divorce, the focus is often on the ins and outs of the process; the best way to approach the division of assets, the best way to support one’s child during the process, the best way to interview divorce attorneys. These bits of advice are certainly helpful to Ohio spouses who are entering the divorce process, but they often fail to give spouses insight on the topic they are most wary of. Rare is the husband or wife who doesn’t fear how he or she will react to the end of a marriage, and even rarer are those who have prepared for the likely reactions to come.

How to tax-effect assets during an Ohio divorce

In many cases, Ohio couples who are considering filing for divorce take an overly broad view of the process of dividing marital assets. They may look at property division as a matter of simply dividing the family’s assets down the middle, with each person walking away with half of what has been amassed. This view, however, is mistaken, and can result in significant financial losses for all involved. A better divorce approach is to consider various property division possibilities before selecting a course of action.

Using technology to hide assets during divorce

In many cases, spouses who are moving toward divorce will be able to process the end of their marriage in a relatively collaborative manner. They will work together to attain their shared goal of transitioning from one household into two, including the process of dividing marital assets. However, there are some instances in which the spirit of collaboration will be markedly absent from the divorce process, and in which Ohio spouses may even attempt to hide assets from their spouse.

Be careful that post- divorce alimony tax claims are accurate

For those in Ohio who plan to make use of the tax deduction associated with alimony payments, ensuring that one’s tax return is properly completed can save a great deal of time and effort in the event that an audit is undertaken. A recently completed audit of alimony-related tax issues suggests that the Internal Revenue Service is losing a considerable volume of money due to incorrect or fraudulent tax returns. The response may be a closer inspection of such returns in the future, and an added risk of a tax audit for those who divorce and subsequently fail to properly document these expenses.

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