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Estate planning needs emerge following a divorce

For many Ohio residents, the weeks and months following the end of a divorce are defined by a sense of extreme relief. The process of negotiating various aspects of the split and examining every detail of your financial standing can be exhausting, and it is normal to feel relieved that this period is over. However, there are important estate planning tasks that must be accomplished after a divorce has been made final, and postponing these chores can be devastating.

Prenuptial agreements are an important family law need

When an Ohio couple is preparing to wed the last thing on their minds is the chance that their union could end in divorce. However, marriages can and do end, and those who are prepared for this outcome are in a far better financial position than those refused to acknowledge the risk while they had the chance. Drafting a prenuptial agreement is a wise financial planning move, and there are more benefits to be had than the obvious family law protections.

Child support ruling raises questions for sperm donors

Ohio readers may have heard about a recent ruling in which a sperm donor has been ordered to pay child support. The case has led to a great deal of debate about how alternative family planning choices such as sperm/egg donation and surrogacy are handled by the nation's courts. Many fear that the case will lead to hesitation on the part of donors who are concerned that they may one day be held responsible for child support payments against their wishes.

In an Ohio divorce, some spouses believe that all is fair

When a marriage has reached its end, many Ohio spouses are surprised at the level of adversity that they face with their former spouse. Each individual reacts differently to the realities of divorce, and some people find that the end of their marriage brings out the absolute worst in their personalities. For many, all is fair in love and war, and divorce is viewed as an absolute act of war.

Making young children comfortable with an Ohio divorce

For most Ohio parents, the most difficult part of ending a marriage is telling the kids, especially if they are young. The concept of divorce could be hard for any child to understand. Young people often experience a substantial amount of confusion concerning the changes going on around them over which they have no control.

Ohio child support collections: Butler 1st among big counties

Long after a divorce is final, child support is an issue issue that continues to be a point of contention for many Ohio couples. Many noncustodial parents are unable or unwilling to meet their monthly financial obligations for one reason or another. When this happens, the state often steps in to collect unpaid child support.

Crucial document changes when getting a divorce

While going through divorce proceedings, Ohio residents may be anticipating the day when it is all over. Both parties may want the divorce settlement finalized so that each can move on with their life. There are, however, certain financial housekeeping matters that must be accomplished at that time.

Dayanara Torres requests more child support from Marc Anthony

It is not unusual for one's circumstances to change over a period of time. A custodial parent may find the need to have the allocated amount of child support modified as the child grows older and develops different needs. Cost-of-living changes may also necessitate such a modification. Ohio residents may be interested in the dispute between Latin superstar singer Marc Anthony and one of his ex-wives, Dayanara Torres -- a former Miss Universe.

Available methods to ensure you receive child support payments

Custodial parents in Ohio and other states who are struggling to get regular payments from their ex-spouses may want to expand their knowledge of methods available to rectify the problem. Child support is calculated by the court, considering aspects like outstanding debts owed by both parents and the non-custodial parent's monthly income. Raising children is considered the shared responsibility of both parents, regardless of the fact that they are no longer together.

Child support goes beyond financial support

Separated or divorced parents in Ohio and elsewhere may not have realized that child support is not exclusively a monetary issue. Child support also involves psychological support. In anticipation of the first holiday season after the divorce, one may be feeling anxious about it. But keep in mind that it is also the children's first holiday season after the divorce. Their anxiety is ten times more intense than that of the parents.

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