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Understand the basics of an uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce may be an option for an Ohio couple willing to work together on certain issues. With legal guidance, a couple can settle difficult issues such as child custody, spousal support and property division. An uncontested divorce can be a faster process and may have a less severe financial impact than a contested divorce. Additionally, a couple can avoid stressful litigation and lengthy court battles with this type of family law proceeding. 

Do I qualify for an uncontested divorce in Ohio?

When Ohio couples make the decision to divorce, they typically do not do so lightly. Whatever the reason, they have to make choices about how they will divide property, assets or child care. Some couples are able to make these agreements fairly easily and with minimal conflict. These couples might consider filing for an uncontested divorce, which has potential advantages. There are certain guidelines to qualify for this type of divorce, and couples may need assistance in determining if it is an option for them.

When can an Ohio child support order be changed?

A child support order may be modified when the circumstances of the parties have changed significantly. In Ohio, either parent or guardian can request a modification of an existing order. The order may also be reviewed every 36 months by the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) in your county. The rules and regulations governing the review and adjustment of a support order are found within the state statutes.

How does debt come into play within property division?

One lesser-known aspect of an Ohio divorce involves the division of marital debt. Just as assets are divided during divorce, so are the debts accumulated during the course of the marriage. Spouses should be prepared to negotiate the terms of this form of property division. Even more importantly, those who are wise will take steps to avoid debt problems that commonly arise once the divorce process begins.

Can collaboration be used to simplify an uncontested divorce?

Some Ohio couples will go through a lengthy, expensive and bitter process when processing the end of their marriage. For others, however, divorce can be a far simpler and easier process. When spouses can agree on all of the issues involved, an uncontested divorce is an achievable goal. Collaboration can help make this process easier for all parties, and can even help preserve mutual respect between former spouses, an important consideration when a couple has shared children.

Tax court claims that alimony was really child support

When an Ohio resident is engaged in a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service, the outcome is sometimes determined by a court of law. In one recent case, a divorced man was surprised to learn that the alimony payments he had made to his former wife would not be counted as spousal support, but categorized as child support. As a result, he lost a sizeable tax deduction.

Record settlement in Harold Hamm uncontested divorce

In the coming weeks, residents of Ohio and other states may witness the largest known settlement in a divorce case in the U.S. courts. A well-known oil baron, Harold Hamm and his wife of 25 years, Sue Ann, failed to sign a prenuptial agreement at the time of their marriage. Although the wife has accused the husband of unfaithfulness, it is expected that this will be an uncontested divorce and there may be no litigation.

Tips on making the best of an uncontested divorce

When couples begin talking about divorce, one of the first issues to consider is how to save money doing it. For many people in Ohio, it is important to be sure that both parties fully understand their rights under the law to increase the chances of receiving their "fair share" in the divorce settlement. One way to better position both spouses for a strong financial future, according to some, is to have an uncontested divorce. This could cut down on the costs associated with divorce, leaving more money that is better spent on building a new life for each party.

Disposition of family home is a key aspect of property division

For many couples the disposition of the family home is a key concern during a divorce. The easiest way to handle this aspect of property division in Ohio or anywhere else is to sell the house and split the profit. That's a clean and final disposition that leaves no loose ends. The terms and listing price of the real estate will be set forth in a written separation and property settlement agreement. The parties must then simply cooperate with the broker, sign final papers and receive one's share.

Ohio property division: Be wary of Craigslist divorce scams

While divorce can be difficult for couples to go through under many circumstances, that doesn't always have to be the case. Some Ohio residents are able to negotiate the process amicably and enjoy an uncontested divorce. Unfortunately, though, some who may try to get through the process on their own may find that it could end up costing them more during the property division phase than it saves them.

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